Napájecí zdroje a transformátory

Power supplies are devices which swap one type of electrical energy to another. Whilst transformers transmit the same type of energy between two or more circuits. Both power supplies and transformers can range in sizes and are found within everyday items. As an example, power leads to computers or games consoles will take AC voltage from the mains and input that into a power supply. This will then...

change to DC output voltage and power the appliance, completing the circuit.

Transformers cannot change voltage types, they will only operate on an AC voltage to build a changing magnetic field. With no direct electrical connection with the primary and the secondary coils.

What types of power supplies are available?

We stock various types of power supplies to suit many applications. As an example, some of the different versions we have are.

  • DIN Rail and Panel Mount Supplies
  • Desktop Power Supplies
  • Computer Power Supplies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Also as a side note, we have a great selection of power supply accessories, providing extras like connector kits, filters and modules.

What types of Transformers are available?

Reliable and excellent Transformers is something we can absolutely provide, there are high variations between the different transformers we have available. But as an example, some of the more common types we offer are.

  • DIN Rail and Panel Mount Transformers
  • PCB Transformers
  • Lighting Transformers
  • Audio Transformers

Why choose RS for Power Supplies or Transformers?

As a company, we value our customers and work with respected brands and manufacturers who all maintain a high standard. Including the RS Pro own brand that ensures the electronics you receive provide an excellent performance. When it comes to power and electricity, businesses will not be able to function without it. All of the power supplies and the transformers we provide guarantee a happy user.