Pneumatické adaptéry, armatury a spojovací prvky

U nás najdete širokou škálu pneumatických adaptérů, armatur a přípojek. Ve spolupráci se společnostmi Norgren a SMC vám nabízíme senzory, indikátory, regulační armatury a sortiment spojek, adapterů a šroubů.

Stainless Steel Fittings From SMC

KQG2 stainless steel range provides engineers with a choice of high performance, lightweight, compact push in fittings for when resistance to corrosion, chemicals and high temperatures is vital. 30% smaller and 62% lighter than the existing KQG range.

SKF Deep Groove Bearings

SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings are capable of operating at high speeds whilst being able to accommodate radial and axial loads in both directions. Suited to numerous applications, they are lubricated for life and maintenance free.

NEW From Igus

The combination of efficient dryspin® thread and hard anodised aluminium convinces by its low weight and an optimised plain bearing pairing with lubricant free dryspin® lead screw nut